Welcome to Oxfordshire RAYNET's homepage.

This site contains information for local members and the community about RAYNET activities in the county. Oxfordshire RAYNET is affiliated to the Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network. Find out more about RAYNET.

In order to develop and maintain their skills, members participate in a number of events during the year, at the request of user services, typically charity and challenge events. We use specific amateur radio frequencies during these activities.


Group Controller

Mike Shread, G6TAN, mike.shread@raynet-uk.net


Andrew Gillard, M6YPX, webmaster@oxon-raynet.org.uk


Please be aware that Rod Tomlinson, a well know fraudster in Sussex and the South East contacted a Raynet member the other day saying has a Private ambulance Fleet of 23 vehicles and wants to equip them with voice radios, he thought RAYNET sold radios. He has traded as Radio Hire, taxi driver trying get other taxi companies involved in installing CCTV in taxis. His normal MO is to get the radios and do a runner and the person/company that supplies the radios never sees the money. He also uses false address for his company directors (usually someone with the same name).

He also sometimes speaks with a stammer albeit he wasn't today. He also uses the names Rodney Button and Rodney Tomlinson-Button. This man has ripped of virtually every PMR dealer in South as well as one or two well known ones in the North. East Sussex Trading Standards have a big file on this guy. If you have people in your Group that dabble with PMR installs tell them no to touch this guy will barge pole.


Please send your feedback and updates to our webmaster.


In an emergency and if the contact procedure agreed with the County Emergency Planning Officer has failed, then RAYNET may be contacted by phoning 0141 621 2121.